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Grand Haven High School Students Help to Propel Healthcare Technology Forward

GRAND HAVEN, MI – Grand Haven High School students are partnering with Health Pointe to help improve the community’s healthcare journey. The partnership is part of the Ottawa Area ISD’s futurePREP’d Academy, which brings project-based learning to students by pairing them with local companies to solve real-life business challenges. A handful of Ottawa Area high schools are participating, but GHHS is the only school currently working alongside Health Pointe.

The driving question for the project will focus on how Health Pointe can best utilize technology to make providers’ and patients’ healthcare journeys better and more efficient. Starting in January, GHHS 9th through 12th graders will work through the stages in the “Creative Sequence,” including observation, investigation, incubation, solutions and validation. They will meet twice a week for six weeks as a group and with Health Pointe representatives. At the end of the six weeks, students will present their solutions to key Health Pointe stakeholders.

“One of my favorite things about futurePREP’d is the relationships that are built between all parties,” said Brian Williams, GHHS teacher and futurePREP’d facilitator. “Projects like these challenge traditional teaching and learning. It can be overwhelming, but also rewarding. Students are able to work on something real, something that helps people.”

Project-based learning programs like futurePREP’d provide students with inspiring opportunities to develop their creativity, critical thinking, presentation skills and public speaking abilities. They learn how to process a large problem and figure out the tools to find a solution. futurePREP’d students also receive three college credits from Ferris State University.

“Health Pointe’s mission is to be an active part of our patients’ healthcare journeys and that includes our youth,” said Joshua Troast, Health Pointe Executive Director. “Partnering with students brings a new positive energy and light to an organization. They are full of unexpected and innovative ideas that really continue to propel our community forward. It’s wonderful to see how we all learn from each other no matter where we are at in life.”

“Participating in futurePREP’d has helped me grow as a person,” said Liv Snider, GHHS senior. “I’ve been able to form relationships with local businesses I normally wouldn’t have, which has educated me about what they go through as companies. I’ve also expanded my creative thinking which has helped me to develop better solutions to a problem and it has given me life skills. I’m so honored to have been able to be a part of futurePREP’d!”
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